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"With more than 30% workforce focusing in R&D, we live for the best"

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Meet EPS Bio


EPS Bio is active in ensuring we are constantly providing our customers with full service in regulatory professionals, certified system, engineering resources and clinical suggestions. 


By aiming a competitive R&D capability, EPS Bio has successfully commercialized several value-added products for glucose meter and reliable control management of the in-house procedures allows our customer to keep track on their project in time.

Roadmaps & Aims 


EPS Bio is dedicated to developing innovative products that make glucose testing easier and more accurate. Through our innovative product development program, EPS Bio has developed many cutting-edge glucose monitoring technologies. Our systems and mobile apps offer a range of features to meet the specific needs of people living with diabetes.

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We offer a range of glucose monitoring systems – all designed to make home testing fast, easy and accurate. Consistent and accurate glucose monitoring is the foundation of any diabetes management plan.  Our innovative product development program is responsible for continuous improvement in the way patients and professionals measure, track and analyze glucose levels.

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