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Company Overview

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Since the early 2006s, we've been focusing on good health management for people living with diabetes through product development and technology.


Our teams keep on researching and developing the next generation of glucose monitoring technology.



EPS Bio Technology Corp. is a customer-oriented OEM/ODM manufacturer of BGM (Blood Glucose Monitor) system with a vision of developing and marketing only high quality diabetic monitoring solutions, as well as to build up a solid history of commitment to customer services via executing our corporate social responsibilities.

In the future, our goal is to provide the market a full perspective solution of in-vitro diagnostics and professional healthcare.

Your success is what we expect and rely on, thus we welcome all mutually-beneficial long-term relationship by contract manufacturing and private label business.

Performing Surgery


Get the certificate of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) from SA8000. cGM on animal test is completed.

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