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MDT2 BLE - Bluetooth Connectivity

MDT2 BLE Glucose Meter connects to the GlucoManager / EZgluco app of your smart device, so that your glucose readings are saved and logged, then you can keep better track of your overall health and adjust your habits accordingly. Besides, it allows you to more easily share your health information with your physician, and caregivers.

Easy upload of data: MDT2 BLE blood glucose meter has a built-in USB port for transferring saved test results to a computer which is equipped accordingly. Export report in excel/pdf's. That way, a doctor can better understand if a patient's blood sugar changes are a cause for concern.

This particular glucose meter uses a Bluetooth connectivity to send all the required information about your blood test to an app from your phone.

MTD2 BLE has a very convenient Bluetooth capability that allows you to sync your glucose meter to your smart device. To get more information about the MDT2 BLE wireless connectivity, check out the link with the user manual below.

Features of Blood Glucose Meter

1. Wireless data transmission

2. No coding required

3. Pre-meal/Post-meal/ Control solution marking

4. Ketone Warning

5. Alarm Reminder

6. X-Large Display

I-D-I0075B_(71800446B)_03_MDT2 BLE UM E
Download • 4.99MB

Specification of Blood Glucose Meter

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