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sugarwatch® - wearable solution for glucose management

Worldwide 1st wearable blood glucose monitor to optimize your diabetic life, and to navigate your health journeys with personalized, data-driven solutions. When others talk, we DO !

The sugarwatch® Monitor combines daily style with health monitoring and fitness features that inspire you to keep moving forward. The aluminum bezel and comfortable silicone band not only promise quality, but also lifestyle.

Design with Ease

Read your glucose values through the day, so you can find the best times for activity, rest and monitor.

The sugarwatch® blood glucose meter and test strips are one solution to your need for an affordable system that delivers results with proven accuracy. The virtually guided function to bring rapid, reliable and affordable testing into the home where the result is delivered in minutes.

Features of Blood Glucose Meter

1. Smart glucose-tracking watch.

2. Easy to track key diabetes metrics, including physical activity, sleep, diet and medicine via an app.

3. Data transmission via Bluetooth.

4. Rechargeable battery through micro USB.

5. Work with both android & iOS.

6. Stainless steel material that gives a high-end watch texture

7. Portable lancing device set that includes lancets & strips

8. Up to 4 buttons to give the end-user the best experience

9. Water-proof test strip slot design

10. Unique power-saving design, guarantee consecutive testing up to 500 times

11. EN ISO 15197:2015 / ISO 15197:2013

12. No coding required

I-D-I1132 (718064178)_01_EM sugarwatch U
Download • 6.14MB

Specification of Blood Glucose Meter

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