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MU - Healthcare Professional Use

Updated: Apr 26

MU glucose meter is designed, classified, and approved for multiple patient use at long term care facility as well as point-of-care (POC) use in health care setting. (e.g. hospitals, doctor's consultancy room).

[NOTE] *EASYMAX lancing device is NOT supplied to USA.*

MU glucose meter is built-in with detection of insufficient blood sample as well as requires only a 0.6 microliter blood sample volume for the testing. MU glucose meter is one of the most accurate systems, which can be used for neonate as well.

Hygienic strip ejection after testing - simple to dispose off used test strips - push-button strip ejector means you don't have to touch used strips

**Lancets and lancing device included with the meter should not be used for multiple patient testing..

Features of Blood Glucose Meter

1. No coding required

2. Strip ejector after testing

3. Back-lit display - LCD light for testing in daytime, nighttime or anytime

4. Robust rubber protector

5. High reliability for test over 20,000 continuous tests

I-D-I0895_(718063954)_05_EM MU UM E
Download PDF • 3.27MB

Specification of Blood Glucose Meter

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