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Voice - Glucose Navigation by Sound

Updated: Apr 26

The Voice combines a meter and voice output module in one device. Our Voice blood glucose meter provides a major benefit for those who are visually-impaired or blind. Users can choose their language among English, Spanish, Arabic, French, or even Kabyle. The audible prompts guide you through each step of the glucose testing process.

[NOTE] *EASYMAX lancing device is NOT supplied to USA.*

Voice blood glucose meter is audible for testing, and provides results in 5 seconds. The meter runs without coding, you simply insert the test strip into the test strip slot and the meter powers on automatically. A small blood sample size makes it easy for a patient to utilize alternate site testing.

Voice meter affords blind patients with visual complication a convenience and complete independence for a new life.

Voice has 480 audible test-memory and provides 7, 14, 30, and 90 day averages. The USB port feature is used for downloading your meter’s result using our free diabetes management software.

Features of Blood Glucose Meter

1. No coding required

2. Bilingual Speaking

3. LED-lit Strip slot Indicator

4. Target Audience - Nurses

5. Pre-meal/Post-meal/ Control solution marking

6. Target Audience - Type II Retinopathy Patients

7. USB interface for data transfer: built-in USB port for transferring saved test results to a computer which is equipped accordingly. Export report in excel/pdf's.

I-D-I0903_(718063962)_05_EM Voice UM E
Download P • 3.81MB

Specification of Blood Glucose Meter

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